Our Story

After two decades of collective efforts, Grand Forest Metsovo has emerged as a world-class destination, seamlessly blending its picturesque natural landscape with top-tier accommodation and impeccable service.

The Hotel
Our hotel combines a unique location with traditional architecture reimagined from a modern perspective.
Nestled on the edge of a black pine forest, Grand Forest Metsovo features 62 suites atop a private mountain in Epirus, Greece. Showcasing local architectural styles with a contemporary flair, the hotel comprises of eight buildings, radiating a mountain chalet ambiance. With breathtaking views of Pindus Mountain peaks and Metsovo’s old town, the soulful atmosphere is enhanced by raw nature, pine scents, and crackling log fires.
The People
Our dedicated staff ensures impeccable service, cultivating an ambiance in which guests can truly unwind.
At the heart of the Grand Forest experience are warm, welcoming individuals dedicated to delivering impeccable service. Valuing their role in creating a homely atmosphere, the staff pays meticulous attention to detail, assisting guests in crafting a perfect stay.
The Mark
Immersed in the setting
Covering just 10,000 square meters within a 2-square-kilometer land area, Grand Forest Metsovo deliberately integrates nature into its design and materials, blending seamlessly with the surrounding vernacular characteristics.
The Endeavor
Over 20 years of dedication and collective effort
Since its inception in December 2013, Grand Forest Metsovo has joined the esteemed “Small Luxury Hotels” group and earned the title of “World’s Leading Landmark Hotel” at the 2021 World Travel Awards, standing as the result of two decades of collective effort.
The Grand Forest
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“Some places are so good to stay in, you don’t want to generate a rush on them. The Grand Forest hotel in Metsovo is one of them.”

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