At Grand Forest Metsovo, sustainability isn’t just a practice; it’s a continuous journey embedded in every aspect of our operation. We pride ourselves for being a prime example of sustainable mountain resorts in Greece and eco-friendly hotels in Metsovo, Greece specifically. As a proud member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World’s Considerate Collection, certified by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), and adhering to Greenview’s GSTC-recognized sustainable tourism management tools, we pledge to uphold the highest standards across three key pillars: Community Mindfulness, Cultural Custodianship, and Environmental Consciousness.

Location: Perched atop a private mountain in Metsovo, Greece, Grand Forest blends seamlessly with the Pindus Mountain range. Comprising only 10,000 square meters on a total land area of 2 square kilometers, our design echoes the surrounding environment with stone facades, grey stone roof tiles, and a distinctly mountain chalet ambiance.
Environment: Situated on the edge of the Pindus National Park, one of Europe’s least explored areas, our hotel is dedicated to preserving mountainous biodiversity. From a rich population of Eurasian brown bears to rare bird species like the Eastern imperial eagle, the park offers a haven for diverse wildlife.
Local Exploration: Within an hour’s radius, guests can explore the historic village of Metsovo, Averoff estate vineyards, the Averoff Gallery, the city of Ioannina, and the iconic Meteora rock formations, all contributing to the local community’s economic vitality.
Inspired Destination: Grand Forest Metsovo, established as a micro-destination, prioritizes preserving its pristine surroundings. The design and construction are centered around enhancing guests’ forest experiences through the use of sympathetic materials, patterns, and management styles.
Cultural Legacy: Metsovo, a thriving town with a rich history, is an integral part of our sustainability roadmap. We support local artisans, invest in employee growth, and prioritize local suppliers, ensuring economic benefits to the community.
Waste Reduction: An ongoing commitment encourages waste reduction and reuse. We are initiating a dedicated sustainability plan, including in-room recycling bins and guest education materials.
Plastic-Free: We minimize plastic usage by offering paper alternatives, glass or reusable bottles, and packaging amenities in compostable, recycled materials.
Energy Efficiency: The hotel utilizes energy-efficient LED lighting, while low-flow devices contribute to water conservation.
Locally Sourced Cuisine: With an emphasis on a “local food only” policy, 92% of our food ingredients are organic, sourced from high-quality local suppliers, thus reducing transportation emissions.
Preserving Nature: The hotel aims to preserve the mountainous terrain with minimal landscape intervention, fostering the natural flourishing of the forest in its habitat.
At Grand Forest Metsovo, we invite guests to connect with nature, ensuring a respectful and private encounter with the environment. Our commitment extends beyond sustainability—it’s a promise to curate meaningful experiences, guided by genuine people, and to leave a positive impact on both our guests and the remarkable ecosystem we call home.
Grand Forest Metsovo
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“Some places are so good to stay in, you don’t want to generate a rush on them. The Grand Forest hotel in Metsovo is one of them.”

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